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Teamwork and fun for all members of team - from reception to management.

What we are asked about often?

Will strangers join our game?

NO, if you booked a private game, there will not be any strangers joining, as long as you will not want to.

What if there will be bad weather?

On most of our fields it is possible to enjoy the game even in bad climatic conditions. We provide heated lobby, including bar with hot beverages most of the time. We are adjusting the games so most of them is done in buildings if the weather gets even worse. If you are afraid of the bad weather anyway, then you can book our paintball lounge Letná, where the weather will not bother you.

Is paintball a safe form of teambuilding?

Paintball can look like a dangerous sport, but it is the exact opposite, because it is actually safer than most of regular sports such as football, floorball, skiing etc. If you willb obey the rules - you will not take off the face mask while in the field and you will have a barrel protection while in the safe area.

Can you create a special games according to our demands?

We have dozens of proven games and scenarios, but we will gladly think of a special game for you and adjust it for example to your organizational structure or we can add aspects from yours company insides. We also can involve non-players. Their task could be coordinating players from command post via walkie-talkie, help players with tasks, solve puzzles to get a code to booby traps in the game, etc.

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