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Is the hit from paintball washable?

Paintball is filled with ecological and biological food coloring which is degradable. All you need is a washing machine, like for any other clothes, and the color disappears. Also, we provide special clothing for the game if needed, so your clothes does not have direct contact with the color.

Can we bring our own equipment or paintballs?

Yes, we allow this options during private games, public games for everyone and public games for experienced players, but there are limitations for parameters of the gun. If you rent the gun from us we have to insist on using our paintballs (regular price 1CZK/pc).

What should we bring with us and what should we wear?

The only thing you need is sport or army (durable, for running) boots. You can also bring thicker clothes for outside activities, but there is no problem with renting army overalls, gloves and safe vests that we provide. You will get rest of the gear in a lobby (mask, gun and needed paintballs) with some small refreshments.

Which paintballs are you using?

We switch different quality pantballs from approved manufacturers according to season. If you are interested in more information on which paintballs are we using right now, do not be afraid to contact us.



Can under-aged and kids play?

According to law, paintball marker (category D weapon) can be operated by people below 18 years old. Anyone under 18 years old can use the marker, but only if supervised by someone 18 years old or more. Our friendly recommendation is that the player should be at least 10 years old, but we do not insist on this borderline, because it is very individual matter. Regularly we require on our field that anyone below 15 years old should have an escort of legal representative and anyone between 15-17 should have an escort of anyone above 18 years old. If discussed beforehand, the organizer can take responsibility for anyone below 18 years old.

Does the hit hurt?

Not much. Everyone has different pain sensitivity,so it is not universal, but it is not very painful. some people even play in shorts and t-shirt, but in these cases some hits can be truly painful and leave behind an ugly bruise. But if you wear baggy clothing which will cover the whole body and also ideally with more layers, Getting hit will be recognized but it should not be painful. If needed, we are renting special paintball overalls and vests.

Is paintball dangerous?

Statistics from insurance companies confirms that paintball is safer than most of the regular sports such as football and floorball. This is achieved mainly by abiding the strict safe rules, which we supervise deeply (safety goggles on face while being in the field, barrel cover on your gun while being in a lobby, etc.).

Do women play paintball?

Sex does not matter in a paintball. It is appropriate for most of the people - age or physical condition does not matter.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers

What is included in the voucher?

That is up to you. You can choose from vouchers which state what equipment is included and how many people will be able to play the given game - or it will only say the value which the person can spend. The first choice has advantage of not stating the exact price of the voucher. On the other hand, in the second choice the endowed can pick what they want.

Where is the voucher accepted?

Our gift vouchers can be used on any of our functional fields.

Until when is the voucher valid?

Standard gift vouchers expire after 1 year. If you would like to extend your voucher, it is possible if discussed with our booking department.

How do I pay for the voucher?

You can pay for the gift voucher with cash on one of our fields, bank transfer or send cash on delivery. You will choose a method of payment in a form, through which you will order the voucher.

How will you deliver the voucher?

While ordering, you can pick from three choices: via post office, picking the order on our field or getting the electrical form via email.

When will the voucher arrive?

That depends on what kind of delivery you choose. We send electronic form of the voucher immediately, and we activate it after payment. In case of post office, we send it within 24 hours of the pament. If you want to pick it up on our field it is ready in 24 hours after we receive the order. If not discussed otherwise.



Can we get to the field without a car?

Do not worry. Indoor lounge on Letná can be visited with regular transport - we recommend nice walk through Letenské sady. We can drive you to other fields from the nearest bus stops.

Can you help with the transportation?

If you are interested in transport assistance contact our booking department. We are offering either drive from the nearest stops or we will gladly appoint well-established taxi service with fixed prices.

Is there parking?

There are parking lots near all our fields and regularly you will find a spot. We always mention parking possibilities on the specific field page in section Way to field.

Process of the game

Process of the game

How many paintballs does an average player shoots?

This is very individual and there are many factors - experience of the player, way of play and even playing position (attack, defense, cover fire...). If we should state a rough average, then it is approximately 300 paintballs. But there are also players that shoot 800 paintballs in 3 hours.

Can we play in a rain?

You would be surprised how popular paintball in the rain is. We will not force anyone out of their comfort zone. Most of the fields include heated lobby with a roof and a bar with hot beverages. If the weather would be really terrible than we try to make the scenarios in buildings and areas with roof.

How long is one game?

Depends on the specific type of the game. Organizer will always let you choose from options designed for your quantity, experience, etc. There are games that take few minutes and also few hours. There are few minute breaks between each game (length of the breaks differ, depending on player needs).

How long can we play overall?

The only limit for the game is safety. If the field has capacity and it is free, you can choose how long you want to play. We recommend 3 hours of game play. All the running, jumping and crouching is exhausting, which means that average player (if the player does not have longer breaks) is not able to play longer.

When should we arrive? Before, or on time of the reservation?

It would be best if you would arrive 30 minutes before start of the game. It takes some time to register on bar, changing clothes and acquiring the equipment. You can look around and refresh yourselves in the remaining time. The 30 minute rule is especially important in case of public games, because there is more people and it is more time consuming.

Are there breaks between games, or they are not included in the reserved time?

Yes, there are breaks in between games for refilling ammo and air in pressure tanks. The breaks are long enough so the player have a proper rest, refresh themselves and discuss tactics. If you will not need these breaks we can continue without them. You are the commanders of this action.

What if someone will not be able to play for whole 3 hours?

We do not take hostages, so you can leave even before the end of the booked time. We understand that paintball can be hard physical activity and that 3 hours of the game play can be too much for someone. But you do not have to worry, even less active players can last until the end - mainly due to breaks between games and adrenaline during the game. You will be surprised by how much you accomplished during the game.

Can we extend the game beyond the booked time?

We will be honored if you will stay longer, but the capacity of the field needs to allow it. Meaning, that your extension can not interrupt other reservation. There is low probability of continuing if it is in the middle of a season or during weekends. Our fields are highly visited during these time periods, which means that there will probably be another group right after you - you should think about this while booking the 4 hour game. Time flies fast during the game and breaks



How many players is required?

We regularly accept reservations from six to eight players because our paintball areas capacities and the operational expenses. You can come in a smaller group (starting from two people) if discussed beforehand, but there will most likely be financial compensation for each missing player to the required number. We highly recommend to individuals and smaller groups to attend one of our public games, Or, you can create your own public game where we will take care of finding opponents and teammates according to your demands: from total beginners to experienced players with their own equipment.

What if we do not have enough people for a private game?

We recommend to attend some of our public games, which are made for these situations. It is also possible to book private game which is opened for others, where you can specify your demands: if it is only for beginners, for anyone, for anyone younger than 15 or 18 years old, etc. You can also make a private game with smaller group, but you will have to pay for the missing players.

Can we play in Winter?

All of our fields are opened year-round. Games in soft snow are usually different type of experience, and some players return to our field to have it again. We are prepared for any kind of weather, especially because of our heated lobby, social facility and bar, on which we serve hot beverages and small refreshments.

What are paintballs made of?

The shell of a paintball is made of hardened fat. Similar material is used in dissolvable medical capsules. The content of the paintball is made from food coloring and secret mixture of substances which are ecologically and biologically degradable (according to manufacturer).

Do we need to leave right after we are finished?

There is no problem with staying after the game and sharing your experience with a beer or lemonade. It is normal that some players stay for another two hours.

Will our group be alone on the field?

Yes, if you book a private game then nobody can join your game (if you will not say otherwise).